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Let's cut the chit chat about the importance of saving energy. You can start saving energy a.k.a. your money as soon as you finish reading these 10 tips below.

Here they are...

1. Use Fluorescent Bulbs
Incandescent bulbs produce a lot of heat and are very inefficient. Replace your home lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs use 25% of the energy that traditional incandescent bulbs use. In addition to that, fluorescent bulbs last a lot longer.

2. Solar Outdoor Lights
Today's solar outdoor lights are not only cost effective but the designs are really nice, too. You're sure to find the right solar lights that match your homes design style while enhancing the look of your garden for free.

3. Upgrade Appliances
Think you can't afford a new refrigerator or microwave? Think again.  Replace your appliances with Energy Star rated appliances. You will save in the long run and rest contently knowing you aren't wasting energy.

4. Get Programmable Thermostats
When you are headed off to work is there any reason to keep your thermostat at the same temperature you need it while your home? This is a big waste of energy and we don't always remember to change the setting before we leave. With programmable thermostats you basically just hired an assistant to take care of this for you. So relax.

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5. Dim Lights
Dimming your lights can save anywhere from 10-50% in electricity and can extend the bulb's life by 20 times making your home energy efficient.

6. Use Lighting Scenes
Ever wake up in the morning and find that the garage light is still on or come home from work and see that glow coming from the front office window?

A lighting control system can bring only certain lights on when you’re cooking, eating or reading. You can shut all the lights off in your energy efficient house at once or turn lights off in other rooms all from one convenient place.

7. Control Climate with Motorized Shades
You know the perfect time of day when the sun isn't coming straight through your windows but there's enough light outside to reduce having to use indoor lights.

Do we always remember to use natural light instead of flicking on the light in our house? I know I don't. Invest in motorized shades that can open at just the right time of day allowing you to let the natural light into your home.

8. Alternative Energy
Solar panels on a south-facing roof can provide enough energy for electricity for your entire house. Don't worry you won't have a big metal twirling object on your roof, solar panels are designed to look like roof shingles keeping with the beauty of your energy efficient home.

9. Variable Speed Air Handler
Using a variable speed air handler is another efficient means to cooling and heating your home. With a quiet start up and not as abrupt you can count on less noise and a more efficient flow of air through your home.

10. Monitor through Computerized Control Systems
Control your entire home through one system. It's more than just energy efficiency it is managing your home wisely with new technology that saves you money while allowing you to operate different technologies throughout your home. So get smart and start saving today!

That's it. Plain and simple. 10 ways.

Choose the ones that fit you most and you're officially energy efficiently. See you on another article.